Local Walks

Local Walks

Walking In And Around Croft Parish

Croft is set in some beautiful countryside enjoyed by residents and visitors alike. To enhance its enjoyment, the Parish Council is pleased to share a number of walking guides that have kindly been created by a local resident. By ranging from 4 to 16 kilometres (2 ½ to 10 miles), each walk allows people to choose a walk according to their ability with the route outlined in detail accompanied by a map. They follow country lanes, public rights of way and tracks, where the ground may often be uneven, and on occasions, wet and muddy, so stout footwear or walking boots are recommended. Livestock may be encountered in parts but locations are generally indicated in the guides.

Most of the walks can be started and finished at any of the 3 pubs (Horseshoe Inn, General Elliot and The Plough) where dogs are allowed in the gardens and inside at the Plough and in the back room of the General Elliot.

The Countryside Code should be observed at all times and dogs should be kept under strict control.

Walkers follow the routes entirely at their own risk and the Parish Council does not accept any responsibility for personal injury.

WALK 1 GUIDE — 5 km

WALK 2 GUIDE  – 7km (or 9km with extension)

WALK 3 GUIDE – 7.5km

WALK 4 GUIDE – 5km

WALK 5 GUIDE – 4km

WALK 6 GUIDE – 16km ‘The Croft Great Circular’